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Why Do I Need Crowns and Bridges for My Teeth?

Cracks, fillings, and other teeth imperfections can cause embarrassment and are not aesthetically pleasing. A crown or bridge will cover these problems and provide strength to the existing tooth. Leaving this problem untreated can result in other teeth becoming crooked.

In addition to strengthening a damaged tooth, bridges and crowns can be used to improve a tooth's appearance, shape, alignment and bite.

Crowns and bridges are fixed in the mouth, offering an advantage over traditional dentures that must be removed and cleaned. When a tooth has too much decay and becomes unstable, it may begin to crack. Fillings may not be long-term solutions and a crown can improve the structural strength of the tooth itself.

The strength that comes from a crown will prevent oral infections and can keep you from experiencing tooth loss. Bridges replace the gap left by missing teeth and provide a pleasing aesthetic while keeping your existing teeth straight.




Smilovits DDS has replaced broken or decayed teeth with crowns or bridges for over 30 years. We understand the importance of having properly applied crowns and bridges to support the remaining teeth in your mouth and maintain regular mouth functionality.

How to Find a Great Dentist for Crown and Bridge Work

Choose a dentist for your procedure who can work with you to decide on the best course of treatment for your oral health. The right dentist will be upfront about treatment and pricing.

When having any kind of dental procedure, it is important to choose a professional who is trained and certified to perform a variety of dental procedures. High quality dentists will use state-of-the art tools to add a crown or a bridge to your existing teeth.

Crowns and bridges may be made from semi-precious or precious metals, porcelain, or a combination of those materials. A proper dental office will be able to help you decide what material is best for your individual mouth. After fully understanding the procedure and knowing exactly how your crown or bridge installation will be implemented, the next point of concern may be cost.


Choose a dentist who is upfront about their pricing and will answer any questions you have about the procedure itself. Smilovits DDS is always ready to answer your questions and the exams for new patients including x-rays and a consultation is just $99.

Crowns and bridges are important dental procedures that can restore your bite, prevent further decay and periodontal disease, and will overall enhance your smile and speech. You need a dentist who appreciates the need for crowns and bridges and will work to keep your mouth healthy and improve your level of confidence with a straight and complete smile.

Why Choose Smilovits DDS?

The professional team of dentists at Smilovits DDS offer 24/7 emergency care for all of your dental needs. We have performed countless bridge and crown procedures and understand the complexity of ensuring teeth on either side of a gap are prepared to hold the new piece and remain stable.

Smilovits DDS has a certified staff of dentists who put the patient first. They are experienced in handling all dental procedures including crown and bridge implementations.

We offer free consultations to kick start the process of providing you with the appropriate prosthetic teeth to keep your smile appearing natural and healthy. Smilovits DDS is dedicated to the patient and will give you a second opinion if you have been told you must pull out all your teeth and be fitted for dentures.




Our dental team puts the patient first and provides them with quality service as evidenced by our International Congress of Oral Implantology membership. We promise proper treatment and will only proceed with your crown or bridge procedure after you see a written and mutually agreed-upon treatment plan. Call us at 216-464-9696 to schedule an appointment today.