Why Do I Need Emergency Dental Services?

Dental emergencies are instances where your tooth pain or other oral issue are so severe that it requires immediate medical attention. Addressing the condition as soon as possible will prevent it from getting worse and will give you a better chance at preserving your teeth and overall oral health. Hospitals may not be equipped to handle a dental emergency, so it is best to call a professional dental office. Dental emergencies are potentially life threatening and require immediate treatment to stop ongoing tissue bleeding or to alleviate severe pain or infection. There are a variety of signs that you may be in need of emergency dental service. This includes an abscessed or infected tooth, lost tooth, swelling in the gums, or severe bleeding from the mouth.

If not treated immediately, some of these conditions can result in serious damage or permanent tooth loss. Dental emergencies can be the result of untreated oral health issues that turned into serious condition suddenly or were ignored for a period of time. Emergency dental services will help to relieve your pain and ensure your smile isn’t damaged. While visiting a dentist can be exhausting, visiting a professional is your best option.

Smilovits DDS offers 24/7 emergency service where our dentists work to provide the emergency care you need as soon as possible. We have experience with a variety of dental services so whether you need a tooth extraction, crown or any other type of procedure, we are ready to help. Our dentists are all members of the International Congress of Oral Implantology and have been serving Cleveland for over 30 years.

How to Find a Great Dentist for Emergency Service

A dentist should have experience in all dental services so they can provide proper treatment no matter what your dental emergency. Find a dentist that will calm any anxieties you have about your condition.

In the midst of a medical emergency, you need a dentist who ensures you remain calm and a staff that will answer any questions you have. When visiting a dental office for an emergency visit, it is best to bring insurance information and a list of any medications you currently take.


The more information you have for the dentist, the better he or she can plan your course of treatment after a thorough examination. Smilovits DDS will not perform treatment until the patient has seen a written and mutually agreed-upon treatment plan. It is important to make your patients feel at ease during a dental emergency, which is why our dentists see one patient at a time. They can focus their time and energy on your case to ensure you receive high quality care.

Another point of concern in finding the right dentist to help with your oral health issue is cost. Find a dentist willing to work with your insurance and who will offer an affordable price for your procedure. Call Smilovits DDS to see which insurance plans we work with.

Overall, you need an experienced and professional dentist that is versed in the latest dentistry techniques and uses state-of-the-art tools. Smilovits only uses the latest tools for all dental services and has been in operation since 1984. With the right dentist performing your emergency service, a severe toothache or excessive bleeding can be taken care of with a simple and painless procedure.

Why Should I Choose Smilovits DDS for Emergency Service?

The professionals at Smilovits DDS make your immediate dental care our priority. To help save your teeth and other areas of the mouth before coming into the office, we suggest a few home remedies that will keep you from experiencing further pain before seeing us in person. If you have a cracked tooth, rinse your mouth out with warm water and hold a cold compress on the outside of your check.

Smilovits DDS gives instructions on what to do immediately after an oral health emergency and offers same-day appointments.

For teeth that have been knocked out, try to put the tooth back in its socket, or keep it between your cheek and gums to preserve it. Soak your mouth with milk. If you have bitten your tongue or lip, rinse your mouth out with water and apply a cold compress.



Smilovits DDS offers a free second opinion for dental care, so if you have an emergency and were told that your teeth must come out, give us a call. We offer same-day appointments and new patients receive and exam, x-ray and consultation with the doctor for only $99. When you need emergency dental services or any other kind of oral procedure, call Smilovits DDS at 216-464-9696 to make an appointment.

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